New HLI high-pressure homogeniser ensures cost savings, better hygiene and environmental performance

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HST Maschinenbau GmbH, part of the Krones Group since 2014, has decades of experience in developing and manufacturing high-pressure homogenisers and piston pumps. These products complement Krones’ process technology portfolio with a key process step for producing milk, milk-based drinks, dairy products, juices and other foods at all the needed throughput ranges.

In 2019, HST successfully launched its most powerful high-pressure homogeniser, the 355-kW HL8, which can handle 55,000 litres per hour at a homogenising pressure of 200 bar.

And now, the HLI series has been added to complement the proven HL range. These new 55 to 90kW systems can process up to 13,000 litres per hour at 200 bar. Presently, 3 models are available namely HLI55, HLI75 and HLI90, all in the same configurations as the HL series and including an option that fulfils the European Union’s ATEX (Equipment for potentially explosive atmospheres) Directives. Additional models for the lower output range to 45 kW (for instance for 5,000 litres per hour at 200 bar) are currently in development. The systems in the new series each consist of a 3-piston high-pressure pump with a homogeniser valve at the outlet.

The ‘I’ in HLI stands for “integrated” and underscores the design changes implemented in the new series. A compactly dimensioned drive design eliminates the need for additional units or coolants, which results in substantial reduction in operating costs for media and electrical power during production. For example, with the HLI series, users can save as much as 4,500 kWh in electrical power and up to 900 cubic meters of cooling water per year (based on 6,000 operating hours per year). A closed, space-optimised piston lubrication function also further reduces consumption of cooling water for the pistons, by more than 30% compared with conventional piston lubrication.

In addition, with the right seal system, outstanding service life can be achieved even under critical process conditions like UHT or aseptic.

The homogeniser valve on HLI series has a crucial impact on product quality. It can be perfectly matched to the required physical stability of UHT dairy products, vegan beverages, desserts, and fruit drinks. As a result, shelf lives of up to 12 months can be achieved without compromising the product’s flavor. Its optimised flow conditions also make it possible to obtain the same product quality at a lower homogenising pressure.

HLI series also offers ecological benefits as its flow-optimised surfaces and hygienic seal design enable the new homogeniser valve to achieve top CIP cleaning outcomes with only a small amount of cleaning solution. All areas that come into contact with the product are made in accordance with the latest hygiene requirements.

The HLI series can also be configured for either aseptic or non-aseptic processing. Homogenisation under aseptic conditions is necessary whenever heat treatment (such as UHT) would negatively impact the product’s physical stability. The aseptic models of HST homogenisers use proven technology that entails a series of sterile barriers and can be equipped with high-grade temperature and flow metering capabilities on request.

HST Maschinenbau GmbH also offers an option sterile water generation for all homogenisers, which can reduce energy consumption by more than 90% compared with condensate generation.

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