My Gumi chewy jelly captivates Chinese consumers with product differentiation

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Korea’ longest-running gelatin jelly brand, My Gumi owned by Orion Corp has gained popularity in China with sales already surpassing US$77.6 million.

Chinese consumers are attracted by My Gumi chewy jelly with its real fruit juice content, and Orion is getting ready to expand its jelly production to meet the increasing demand.

The Chinese jelly market is currently dominated by local company Wang Zi QQ, which accounts for more than 80% of the market. Orion has steadily increased its market share to 18% in 2022 and the success of My Gumi Kernel, launched in 2021, has been credited for the company’s rapid sales growth in China.

Product differentiation is the main cause of My Gumi Kernel success as it has a unique texture and flavor that cannot be found in conventional jelly as it contains fruit juice inside the chewy jelly. Orion has even completed local patent registration for its manufacturing technology to protect its product from possible counterfeits in the future. It has also continuously launched new fruit flavors preferred by Chinese consumers such as passion fruit and lychee flavors.

Apart from China, Orion has also launched My Gumi in Vietnam in 2019. In Russia, it plans to set up a jelly production facility to tap into this huge market.

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