Several more countries to join Singapore in approving lab-grown meat

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The Netherlands has recently joined the list of countries which has approved the ‘controlled’ consumption of lab-grown meat under specified conditions. This will also make the Netherlands the first country in Europe to permit the tasting of lab-grown meat, joining Singapore and the US.

Europe has an incredible list of startups focusing on cultivated meat, however a major obstacle to their progress is their inability to let people to try these products that they have created. The move by the Dutch government to allow tastings under certain conditions is crucial to moving the budding industry forward.

For companies like Meatable and Mosa Meat, the move by the Dutch government is considered a ‘great achievement’ as Mosa Meat can now use these controlled tastings to gather invaluable feedback on its products while at the same time educate key stakeholders on the role of cellular agriculture to Europe’s sustainability efforts.

The Netherland government has previously set aside €60 million (US$66.8 million) to build a ‘cellular agriculture ecosystem’ and make the country a hub for the emerging technology. It has also established the organisation Cellular Agriculture Netherlands, which will now be tasked with overseeing the code of practice for tasting approvals.

In the same month of June, the US has also approved the sale of chicken made from animal cells from US-based startups Upside Foods and Good Meat. Singapore, on the other hand, has been way ahead of other countries to approve consumption and sales of lab-grown meat, starting with cultivated chicken from Eat Just in November 2020.

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