Korean cuisine brand ‘Bibigo’ officially launched in Thailand

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A-Best Company Limited, a local leader in production and distribution of fresh produce like fruits and vegetables has recently partnered with CJ Cheiljedang Corporation, Korea’s No.1 Food Company, to launch its Korean cuisine brand, Bibigo in Thailand.

Focusing on the key concept of ‘Share Korean Flavor’ together with over 100 authentic Korean food items such as Mandu, Kimchi, Korean Sauce and Paste, Seaweed, Kimari and many more brands under CJ Foods Korea, the partnership hopes to be the top supplier of Korean food to the Thai market.

The partnership will set aside Bt 50 million (US$1.45 million) on marketing budget this year with proactive marketing strategy to build brand awareness of Bibigo through brand presenter Park Seo Joon, a famous Korean celebrity.

This campaign will build brand engagement with customers through both online and offline media for Bibigo to blend in and be a part of K-Culture lovers’ lifestyle. Believing in the impact of K-Wave in Thailand and soft power of Korean Culture, the brand will create strong impact on social media to drive Bibigo to be the No.1 leader for Korean Food in Thailand.

Chayapong Naviroj, CEO of A-Best Co., Ltd. said, “With the significant growth of Korean food industry and K-Food consumption in Thailand, we have the great opportunity to partner with CJ Cheiljedang and bring ‘Bibigo’ No.1 Korean Food Brand to Thailand. CJ Foods has world-class advanced technologies and innovations in food that can bring authentic taste of Korean cuisine with high product quality for hundreds of products that can serve any lifestyle of people around the world. Bibigo is dedicated to share authentic and modern Korean flavors and Korean Culture, not only through food but also through other aspects of lifestyle such as Music, Sport and Entertainment to people around the world.”

The partnership will also offer opportunity for Thailand to be a production and export base to regional destinations in the future.

A-Best, on the other hand, has more than 23 years experience in Thailand and has good understanding of Thai consumer behavior apart from better marketing and distribution know-how of the local market.

Naviroj added, “We aim to grow by 40-50% a year in the next 3 years.” Top selling items include Kimchi, Mandu, Korean Sauce and Paste.

He concluded that for the 1st quarter 2023, the company will become the main sponsor of the biggest K-Pop (Korean) culture festival ‘CON 2023 Thailand’ which will take place from 18 to 19 March. During this event, booths will also be set up for participants to taste authentic Korean flavors with fun activities included.

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