FrieslandCampina Ingredients secures Therapeutic Goods Administration approval for Biotis® galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) in supplements

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Demand for natural gut health solutions in Australia is fast-growing; 40% of Australian consumers say gut health is ‘extremely important’ to them and 30% suffer from issues related to gut health.1 While some consumers are turning to prebiotic-enriched foods, many are seeking convenient and novel supplement formats. Supplements offer a way for people to easily improve their overall well-being in an efficient and personalised way – an ideal solution given that increasingly busy lifestyles can make it challenging to maintain a diet that supports specific digestive health needs.

Unlocking the power of prebiotics

Probiotics have long been a favourite choice for gut health product development, but scientific research is charging forward and highlighting other ingredients with proven gut health benefits. One such ingredient is galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), a form of soluble prebiotic fibre that feeds the positive bacteria in the gut to support a healthier digestive system – 53%  of consumers in the region are already aware of prebiotics and of these, over half (54%) understand the digestive health support they can offer.

FrieslandCampina Ingredients’ prebiotic ingredient, Biotis® GOS range containing dairy-derived galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) is designed specifically to drive innovation in the gut health supplement market. Biotis® GOS OP High-Purity in particular is the latest and purest addition to its prebiotic portfolio. It uses a patent-pending process to deliver a higher concentration of available galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS), ensuring a typical GOS content of over 90%, meaning that the solution is efficacious in doses as low as 2 grams and is acid and heat stable.2 Plus, it supports low lactose formulations popular with health-conscious consumers. This means they are an effective choice for brands to create efficacious gut health solutions.

Focus on trending formats – GUMMIES

Gummies are one of the fastest-growing nutraceutical segments in the world with a projected CAGR of 10.2% to 2027.3 Not only are prebiotic gummy supplements seen as a ‘cooler’ and more novel format than some traditional supplements, but they also taste good and are quick and easy to consume. Many consumers even enjoy their daily ‘sweet treat’ of a gummy supplement.

Prebiotics like Biotis® GOS-OP High Purity are designed specifically to respond to demand for convenient functional solutions like gummies. These prebiotics are acid and heat stable, tasteless, and are easily applied into gummies and other applications. They can also be formulated with additional ingredients such as protein for added benefits. But it’s worth knowing that not all ingredients are created equal—many prebiotics and probiotics can’t be used in drinks, for example, because they’re not heat or acid-stable and their fibres would break during processing, impacting their efficacy. Delivering on consumer expectations for taste and efficacy is all about the right mix. Effective partnerships combining formulation know-how with the latest consumer and market expertise is vital to ensure success in launching new products in this area.

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