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BUCHI Singapore Pte Ltd

25 International Business Park, #02-65 German Centre Singapore 609916


+603 76604378

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EncapsulationExtractionFlash ChromatographyFreeze Drying Technology
Kjeldahl DistillationMelting PointNIR-Online AnalyzerProximate NIR Analyzer
Rotary EvaporatorSpray Drying Technology


BUCHI Labortechnik AG is a leading Swiss provider of laboratory equipment and solutions, catering to the diverse needs of scientific research and development.
Established in 1939, the company has built a stellar reputation for innovation and quality in the field of laboratory technology. Specializing in instruments for chemical laboratories and process control, BUCHI offers a comprehensive range of products including drying, extraction, distillation & digestion and near infrared spectroscopy systems.
The company is renown for its cutting-edge solutions, such as the rotary evaporator, which has become an industry standard for efficient and precise solvent evaporation. BUCHI Labortechnik AG is committed to supporting advancements in various scientific disciplines, providing tools that enable researchers to enhance their workflow and achieve reliable results as well as improve quality control process in the production floor.
With a global presence, BUCHI serves customers in academia, industry and government laboratories, meeting the evolving demands of analytical chemistry, organic synthesis and process development. The company’s dedication to quality, precision and customer satisfaction solidifies its position as a trusted partner in laboratory technology, contributing to the progress of scientific discovery and innovation worldwide

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