Pepsi iconic rebrand pushes consumers to be bolder

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Pepsi has recently launched its new look to mark its next phase of development in the Philippines. Its new Pepsi logo was unveiled during the Pepsi Pulse 2023 concert event held at the Mall of Asia in October to keep it more connected with the younger consumers.

Pepsi has decided to embrace the spirit of authenticity that resonates with the current generation and become even bolder. Inspired by previous Pepsi logos, the new design retains the brand’s signature colors of red, blue, and white but with a brighter shade, incorporating a bold ‘PEPSI’ at the center. The addition of a blue and black “pulse” creates a more dynamic visual identity, reflecting the vibrant spirit and energy that Pepsi wants to bring out from their audiences.

Overall, the new Pepsi logo represents a bold modern approach that resonates with the youth, encouraging consumers to embrace their unique selves and be authentic.

Pepsi engages social media personality Mimiyuuuh who also shared Pepsi’s new tagline, ‘Mas Masarap Maiba’, encouraging people to embrace their individuality and feel empowered by their differences.

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