Mondelez 3rd Annual Report on Snacking identifies latest consumer trends

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Mondelez International has released earlier this year its 3rd annual State of Snacking report, highlighting the emerging trends and the growing role of snacking among consumers particularly during the current pandemic crisis.

The report unveils that snacking continues to outpace meals for the 3rd consecutive year at a statistically significant pace of 64%, up 5 percentage points since 2019. The findings clearly demonstrated the expanded meaning of snacking in people’s lives from the old definition of snacks. In the past, snacks were often regarded as ‘unhealthy chips with high concentration of oil, salt, sugar and other artificial flavors.’ Snacking can also now mean desserts from healthy yoghurt, to snack bars, nuts, fruit snacks and the likes.

The report also found that nearly 80% of global consumers said their definition of a snack has evolved over the last 3 years, and 85% of consumers eat at least one snack a day for indulgence.

With rising consumer concern over environmental sustainability, a vast majority (85%) of consumers displayed their desire to buy snacks from companies that offset their environmental footprint. Social media also seems to be playing an increasing role with more than half of global consumers claimed that social media has inspired them to try new snacks in 2021.

Global consumers are also now experimenting with new channels to buy snacks, with more than half reportedly shopping for snacks using at least 3 non-traditional or emerging channels like delivery apps, online ordering for curbside or in-store pickup, and direct-to-consumer websites.

According to Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International, “Consumers also expect to be able to get their snacks whenever and wherever they want. The findings of this report help inform our strategy so that at Mondelez International, we can continue to anticipate and address the evolving tastes and preferences of the global consumer as a global leader in snacking.”

The report was based from a survey conducted online by consumer polling specialist, in October 2021 covering 12 countries with a sample base of 3,055 adults. Four of the countries are in the Asia region namely China, India, Indonesia and Australia.

The above Chart 1.0 identified the main attributes that impact snacking choice with Convenient, Fresh and Indulgent being the most popular reasons or attributes for snacking. Meanwhile, Chart 2.0 showed the type of snacks and the proportion of consumers who eat them biweekly or more. Biscuits and chocolates retained their positions as favorite snacking options.

The report also highlighted a rising appetite for functional snacks with consumers now increasingly looking for snacks that are vitamin rich, boost immunity and high in protein amongst others. In addition, there is also a rising preference for plant-based snacks as manufacturers are aggressively launching new products within this category. Chart 3.0 showed the various functional elements of snacks that consumers are looking for in 2020 vs the future.

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