Heat and Control unveils new iHX Intelligent Heat Exchanger

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World-leading equipment manufacturer, Heat and Control has recently launched an innovative new heat exchanger technology in October.

The iHX Intelligent Heat Exchanger (iHX) is a low oil volume model of heat exchanger set to provide a highly efficient, low cost, oil heating solution for food manufacturers.

This next generation heat exchanger is suitable for all types of snack food applications, including bakery, potato chips, corn products, nut products, French fries, potato co-products and all continuous frying operations.

Heat and Control Chief Engineer Mick Walsh said that the development of the new intelligent heat exchanger involved using modern computing technology to innovate, and improve upon, existing heat exchanger technology. “Using the latest advancements in design and automation in computer code — allowed us to perform the millions of calculations needed — to optimise radiative heat transfer and create an optimised tube bundle design and heating technology, (stet) reduced oil volume,” said Mr Walsh.

“This innovation in design offers a 25% increase in efficiency gains over our previous, base model heat exchanger. iHX also provides improved oil quality, reduced oil volume, lower fuel costs, and lower emission levels. iHX performs at an optimal level because all tubes within the radiative zone use their whole surface area for heat transfer, reflecting heat from the insulation onto the back of tube surfaces which aren’t in direct line of sight to the hot surface,” added Walsh.

The use of heat exchangers in food processing has revolutionised the industry, and their efficient heating performance and reliability make them a superior alternative to steam or thermal heating.

Heat and Control’s iHX Intelligent Heat Exchanger can be used as part of a new equipment line, or can be easily retrofitted into an existing line.

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