Healthier Instant Noodles made from Sago instead of Wheat

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One Indonesian company, Pt Langit Bumi Lestari, has created instant noodles made from sago instead of the traditional wheat flour.

SagoMee, launched in Indonesia in October 2020, is now hoping to penetrate into other Asian markets, as it capitalizes on the goodness of the product, made from sago which is gluten-free, non-GMO, with low glycemix index. Not only that, it is also produced with low carbon footprint.

Ms Juniar Liang, Director of Pt Langit Bumi Lestari said, “SagoMee is a healthier alternative to the traditional wheat-based instant noodles and currently we have 5 different variants in 70g cup packaging. They include Onion Chicken, Fried Noodle (Mee Goreng), Spicy Chicken Soto, Spicy Chicken Kare and Beef Teriyaki variants. It also offers 2 variants for the non MSG category like Onion Chicken and Mala Hotpot.”

Ms Liang claimed that SagoMee might be helpful for children with autism spectrum disorder and autoimmune diseases due to its gluten-free content. SagoMee could also help individuals who are on a diet program or suffering from diabetes due to its low glycemix index. Its high resistant starch content also helps with digestion.

SagoMee targets consumers who are health conscious, and they will usually be the younger consumers. Indonesia is the world’s 2nd largest consumer of instant noodles after China, as such there is ample room for innovation and creativity in this market.

SagoMee is available in food-grade cup packaging with a shelf life of 1 year from the manufacturing date with a retail price of Rp 12,000 (US$0.80). In the Non MSG category, the retail price is Rp 15,000-17,000 (US$1-US$1.13).

SagoMee is convenient just like other instant noodles as it can be easily prepared by pouring normal hot water into the cup which already contains pre-packed spices and wait for 3 minutes to serve. It does not require boiling water and can be enjoyed on the go.

PT Langit Bumi Lestari, based in Bangka in forest-rich West Kalimantan, hopes to educate consumers in both Indonesia and globally on the goodness of sago and its contribution to sustainability. Indonesia, as a wide archipelago, offers more than 5.5 million hectares of Natural Sago Forest – a huge potential to share the benefits of Sago with the world. The company is constantly experimenting with new flavor profiles using sago to satisfy consumer demands.

The standard instant noodles found in the market usually contain gluten and also has high glycemic index (95.51), according to a research done in collaboration with the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN). In comparison, SagoMee’s glycemix index is only 47.16. This also means when you eat SagoMee, you will feel full for longer period thereby helping you to maintain a healthy low-calorie diet.

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