Hagoromo Foods to open Representative Office in the Philippines

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Japan-based Hagoromo Foods has recently opened its Manila Representative Office in the Philippines, as it seeks to take full advantage of the country’s position as one of the world’s leading producer and supplier of Tuna and Tuna products.

Since 1931, Hagoromo Foods has manufactured a wide range of products, with canned and pouched tuna under the Sea Chicken brand being one of its main selling products. Canned foods is also one of the company’s major product line.

Hagoromo Foods requires frozen loin of tuna and bonito, a raw material for its canned Sea Chicken brand of products at its factory. The new office will strengthen the quality control system of local manufacturing factories and collect information on raw materials and products.

By opening a new office, Hagoromo Foods will also build a supply system in collaboration with its Bangkok representative office in Thailand and its Indonesian affiliate, Aneka Tuna Indonesia.

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