China releases draft reviewing the advertising of Health Foods

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On 29 May 2023, SAMR has released a consultation draft of ‘Administrative Measures on the Review of Health Food, FSMP, Drug and Medical Device Advertisements’.

The proposed changes are expected to reshape the advertising landscape for health foods in China and these include as follows:

Product Name Display: Health food advertisements are required to prominently display the product name

Unsuitable Populations: If the registration or filing certificate of the health food does not indicate any unsuitable populations or indicates them as “none”, it is not necessary to mention this item in the advertisement.

Function Claims: Advertising for food products other than health food must not claim to have health functions, and must not claim or imply health functions by promoting certain ingredients’ effects

The above revisions are proposed to enhance transparency and protect consumers’ rights.

Meanwhile, health foods advertisement should also refrain from using opinions or claims derived from scientific papers or clinical evidence. Secondly, the advertisements should also not involve underage individuals in introducing the health food products.

In the era of internet and e-commerce where information is transmitted rapidly, the implementation of such measures is necessary to protect consumers.

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