Answering the Needs of Today’s Consumers from ‘Burning Sensation’ to ‘Travel through Taste’ with FOODEX Sauce Collection

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Sauces are a key component of culinary artistry that enhances flavors, adds depth, and brings dishes to life. Whether as a dipping for snacks, sausages, or to be poured on top of a bowl of rice, sauces can never go wrong.

One of the permanent shifts which the pandemic brought to today’s lifestyle is that food has now become an essential way to achieve pleasure and release tension. You may often hear consumers calling their eating experience a “self- rewarding” activity. Maximizing the eating experience to the next level is likely everyone’s goal, thus, forcing brands to adapt to this trend. As discovered by MINTEL’s 2023 Global Food & Drink Trends, consumers now seek enjoyable food and drink that helps them manage stress in ongoing post-pandemic uncertainty and anxiety.

A Way to Travel Through Taste

Unlimited access to social media and cultures from other parts of the world drive the urge to experience international cuisines. In 2022, MINTEL discovered that the limited opportunities to travel during the pandemic also drive the craving for food flavors that make the consumers feel connected to a far-off place via travel through taste.

Foodex 2023 Consumer Research, conducted on Indonesian consumers from the age 13 to 40, has also unveiled that 57% of respondents prefer authentic Indonesian taste (often called Nusantara taste) because of familiarity, nostalgia, and the comfort from the taste that brings the feeling of home.

Sauce is a well-positioned category to help consumers recreate the flavors of international cuisine without having to go for a long shopping list of exotic ingredients. 37% of UK category buyers are interested in buying condiments with flavors inspired by authentic street food, as discovered by MINTEL.

Addictive Burning Sensation of Spicy Foods

Many scientists long discovered the burning sensation from spicy foods triggers the body to think it’s in danger. As a result, endorphin—the pain killers hormone—is released in our body causing an instant excitement similar to what we get after body exercise. The need for exciting experiences from food raises the preferences towards spicy food.

Foodex 2023 Consumer Research also highlighted that 66% of Indonesian respondents seek spicy flavor in their food. Meanwhile, Mintel (2020) reported that 75% of global consumers enjoyed spicy flavors.

Wide Range of Foodex Sauces from Ethnic-inspired to Burning Hot

Inspired by famous recipes around the world, Foodex Sauce ranged from Western to Asian Taste. Kimchi, Gochujang, Creamy Topokki, and Spicy Ramyun Sauce are a few of Foodex’s top sauces from the Korean category. Its Green Curry and Sweet Chilli Sauce, inspired by Thai recipes, are also extremely popular.

From the Japanese side, Foodex also offers its specialty including Japanese Curry, Donburi, Takoyaki, Teriyaki, and Yakiniku Sauce. Aside from Asian-inspired Sauces, its collection of Western Sauce such as Blackpepper, BBQ, and Beef Stroganoff Sauce also goes well with many types of products, as well as Fusion-style Sauces like Malay Laksa Sauce.

While names of authentic hot sauces like Korean Gochujang, Thai Sriracha, and Portuguese Peri-Peri are gaining popularity, Indonesian ‘Sambal’ is also gaining consumer spotlight recently. Sambal is a popular homestyle spicy sauce from Indonesia, also commonly found in other Southeast Asian cuisines. Sambal is made by combining chili peppers with other ingredients such as garlic, shallots, shrimp paste, lime juice, and various spices. What makes Sambal unique is the traditional method in the preparation by grinding the ingredients together using a mortar and pestle (often called “uleg” method), leaving the chili seeds combined with the shredded garlic, shallot, chili, and other ingredients, forming the chunky texture. Foodex’s Sambal Matah, Sambal Geprek, and Sambal Rica-Rica are a few of the top main stars of the Foodex Collection of Sambal.

Authentic taste, almost identical to the original taste of the culinary dish made from scratch is what makes Foodex Collection of Sauces unique. Crafted with passion and expertise, these sauces offer a versatile range of flavors and textures, whether for dipping application, or glazing & coating. Foodex Sauce is also suitable for various categories, from snacks & processed meat products to quick service restaurants (QSR) and food service usage. For QSR and food service, Foodex Sauce Collection is also known for its ease of use and storage. “To achieve the authentic taste, you no longer need to prepare everything from scratch, thus shortening the preparation process and also standardizing the quality of products.” While QSR also often has to deal with leaks of recipe issues, with Foodex Sauce, one can also keep the confidentiality of its menu formula. Foodex also offers sterilized and pasteurized sauces. While sterilized sauces are the most favored because of the longer shelf life at room temperature, pasteurized sauces are often chosen due to cost considerations. You can also toll-manufacture your private-label sauce in our facility. Elevate the culinary adventures of your customers to new heights and get into the exciting experience of innovating sauces with us.

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