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China’s leading bubble tea player, Mixue has become a hot topic among Chinese netizens recently as two of its stores were caught using expired jams and inadequate amount of ingredients to make fruit teas.

The fresh ice cream and tea brand was quite popular among Chinese consumers for its reasonably priced products costing an ...

China's overcrowded infant formula market is projected to have lesser players as almost one-third of them fail to meet the new standards.

According to the latest report, some 112 brands of 31 milk powder manufacturers have been approved by the National Medical Products Administration as of 15 February 2023. They include industry leaders China ...

Indonesia’s Halal Product Assurance Agency (BPJPH) has recently disclosed that it will carry out 6 measures to expedite the move in making Indonesia the world’s No.1 Halal food and beverage producer by 2024.

BPJPH aims to issue 10 million Halal product certificates, and for 2023 alone, it has a target of providing 1 million ...

A Johor-based frozen food supplier was recently charged for illegally using and owning Halal logo, and has been imposed a hefty fine of RM1.5 million (US$334,000).

The company, LY Frozen Food Sdn Bhd and its representatives were charged with offering products for sale using the labels of GBP Australia Pty Ltd and Ararat Meat ...

In Vietnam, Alcohol, Tobacco and Soft Drinks might face an increase in excise tax as the government aims to tackle the budget deficit while at the same time improve community health.

This is part of the country’s comprehensive tax reform strategy for 2030 and it has requested feedback from various ministries, localities, and businesses ...

With effect from 27 March, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) will launch a new set of voluntary pre-import control measures for baby cereal products.

The new measures focus on upstream controls at the manufacturing stage to ensure the food safety of baby cereal products. Importers who are able to conduct supplier verification checks to ...

Singapore is a multi-racial multi-religious country with almost 20% of its population being muslims.

Businesses, both in the HoReCa and manufacturing sectors, have strived to obtain the Halal certification so as to expand their market share in this highly competitive food industry.

However, for some businesses that do not manage to get their certification, ...

Singapore Food Agency (SFA) has recalled China-produced peanut snacks after detecting presence of cyclamate in the product.

Cyclamate, also known as cyclamic acid, is approved for use as an artificial sweetener for food products in Singapore, however it is not permissible to be used in peanuts.

The agency noted that there are no health ...

Singapore’s Health Ministry earlier announcement for drink manufacturers to meet the Nutri-Grade labelling requirement on their drink packaging by 30 December, has led to several players making last minute changes to their ingredients after the deadline.

One such company is Yakult which has quickly introduced Yakult Gold, a healthier probiotic drink rated Nutri-Grade B ...




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