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Consumers constantly ask themselves, “What do I want to eat?”

Behind that seemingly simple question is a complex algorithm of factors. "I need a snack, but what am I in the mood for? I want something yummy, but I need something nutritious, maybe with a bit of protein. Am I counting calories today or am I indulging ?" Consumers consider their choices across highly individualised parameters, and the list of factors grows every day.

Some ...

When talking about savory dishes, some say meat is the powerhouse of savory taste. Since ancient times, from East to West, meat stocks were already favoured as a secret potion used in various dishes. The Greeks, Romans, and Asians often used stocks as the base for soups and stews; and stocks were considered the ...

Taste is a powerful influence, able to instantly evoke memories and build anticipation for new experiences. Flavours convey a story, particularly when it comes to consumer trends and preferences. This year, we will witness the resurgence of time-honoured traditions and heirloom recipes as consumers crave traditional tastes with new and emerging flavours.

Kemin Industries has developed VALTEQ™ , a unique line of quality improvers for instant noodle manufacturers.

The liquid product line uses emulsifier solutions to increase consumers' overall instant noodle eating experience by addressing some of the everyday challenges facing manufacturers.

  • VALTEQ™ T merges instant noodles' smooth texture with sought-after bounce and chewy mouthfeel. ...

In Malaysia, the Sabah state is the country's main producer of cocoa beans, accounting for 57% of the 3,444 hectares under cocoa cultivation in Malaysia, said Deputy Plantation and Commodities Minister Datuk Siti Aminah Aching.

Datuk Aminah said the state contributed to the production of cocoa beans for premium chocolate including Bean-To-Bar chocolate, Single ...

Symrise has entered into a joint venture (JV) with Sunner, one of the main integrated poultry processors in China. Sunner or Fujian Sunner Development Co., Ltd is involved in chicken breeding and farming, feed processing and meat processing businesses.

The JV will supply the China pet food market with unique sustainable and high-quality egg ...

Sensient, a leading global manufacturer of food colours, flavours, and specialty ingredients, has recently launched its latest collection, SensiBake Dairy, to help food manufacturers tackle the fluctuating prices of dairy products. The collection includes milk, butter, and cheese flavours that can withstand high temperatures in baked goods, providing consistency in quality and cost.

In Southeast Asia, despite the fact that regional demand for plant-based foods is surging, most of the ingredients however are not yet made from locally grown crops.

Last year, 77% of plant-based meat products launched in Southeast Asia used soy or wheat as their protein source, ingredients primarily grown in the West. ...

With effect from 1 April, Corbion will expand its current partnership with Azelis, a leading global innovation service provider in the specialty chemicals and food ingredients industry, to include distribution of Corbion products in Malaysia and Singapore through Azelis' Food and Nutrition Division. The two companies already have a strong working relationship, having collaborated ...

Firmenich has recently launched Orange NextGen replacers and extenders, its natural alternative to FTNF (From The Named Fruit) orange oils, achieving identical orange flavors at significant economic benefit and ensuring sustainable supply to customers.

The global orange oil market has been under severe pressure and volatility in recent years due to crop shortages, poor fruit quality, ...

IFF, a global leader in flavor, scent, health and biosciences, has recently entered into an agreement to sell its Flavor Specialty Ingredients (FSI) business to UK-based private equity firm, Exponent for US$220 million.

Presently, FSI reports through IFF’s Scent division and is a leading manufacturer of synthetic and natural base aroma chemicals used in the ...

Tate & Lyle PLC (Tate & Lyle), a world leader in ingredient solutions for healthier food and beverages, has recently unveiled its new brand to mark the transformation of its business to become a purpose-led, growth-focused speciality food and beverage solutions business.

The company’s new rebranding narrative ‘Science\ Solutions\Society’, is the promise Tate & ...

Palsgaard has commenced major expansion work at its Netherlands factory specialised in production of high-grade PGPR emulsifiers, which is scheduled for completion by 2024.

PGPR (polyglycerol polyricinoleate) is a co-emulsifier primarily used in chocolate production to control flow, reduce viscosity and optimize moulding and enrobing. It also reduces fat content in margarine spreads and ...

Glanbia Plc has recently signed a non-binding agreement to sell Glanbia Cheese, a mozzarella producer, to Leprino Foods Company. Glanbia plc is expected to receive initial cash consideration in excess of €160 million (US$193.2 million) for the sale of its stake in Glanbia Cheese.

Glanbia Cheese has 3 manufacturing facilities in Llangefni in Wales; ...

Following May 2022 positive EFSA assessment of Chr. Hansen’s HMOs lacto-N-tetraose (LNT),? 3-fucosyllactose (3-FL) and 3’-sialyllactose (3’-SL), these 3 Human Milk Oligosaccharides are now approved in EU for safe use in infant formula and several other categories at the highest dosage levels approved in the HMO market.??

Jesper Sig Mathiasen, Senior Vice President, Chr. Hansen ...

FrieslandCampina Ingredients has recently announced the opening of its new lactoferrin production facility in Veghel in the Netherlands to help meet growing global demand in the early life and adult nutrition markets. The facility increases the company’s total capacity from 20 to 80 metric tonnes per year. The plant features new machinery designed specifically ...

On 16 March, TurtleTree, a global leader in animal-free functional dairy proteins presented the world's first animal-free lactoferrin in an exclusive tasting event in San Francisco, USA.

LF+ is a high-value precision fermentation-produced bioactive milk protein and one of the most powerful parts of cow's milk, with great functional benefits for immunity, iron regulation, and digestive health.

The exclusive event gave investors and food partners a sneak peek at the protein's potential ahead of its launch later this year. ...

The rising demand for yeast-based products over the past few years signifies a growing market in the future, which requires manufacturers to catalyze innovation and ramp up production and technology development to meet the evolving needs of their customers. It is the implication of the latest report, ‘Trends in Yeast and Yeast Products’ released by Innova Market Insights, ...

Roquette, a leading player in plant-based ingredients and a pioneer of plant proteins, has recently announced its investment in DAIZ Inc., a Japanese food tech startup that has developed breakthrough technology utilising germination of plant seeds combined with an extrusion process to enhance texture, flavor and the nutritional profile for plant-based foods.




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