“Health and wellness remain at the forefront of the global conversation,” said June Lin, Vice President, Global Marketing, Health & Wellness at ADM. “The pandemic has transformed how consumers perceive holistic health and wellbeing. It’s impacting how we live and increasing the importance of the foods, beverages and supplements we choose, presenting new opportunities for our industry to meet their needs.”

According to research, 60% of global consumers are planning to improve their overall health and wellness in the next 12 months1. They are also taking a more proactive approach to managing well-being with functional nutrition, close-to- nature ingredients and foods that signal self-care.

ADM has identified 5 health and wellness behavior shifts that are creating opportunities for manufacturers to create innovative, health-forward foods and beverages that support consumers’ evolving health and wellness needs:

  1. Renewed motivation to improve individual health and wellness

Pandemic experiences have varied across the globe, but a nearly universal takeaway is the renewed focus on preventative health and wellness behaviors. For example, 76% of global consumers say they will eat and drink more healthily due to COVID-19, and 41% plan to be more physically active2. Products designed to optimise physical health and mental wellness at all life stages will help consumers protect themselves, their families and their communities.


  1. A holistic approach to managing the mind-body connection

More people are embracing their emotional well-being, as 51% of global consumers are planning to improve their cognitive and mental health over the next 12 months1. A desire to keep their physical and mental health in balance is promoting new techniques to manage stress, from exercise and meditation to eating foods with perceived mood-enhancing benefits. As consumers return to more active lifestyles, convenient products with functional ingredients that boost energy, enhance cognitive performance and regulate mood are gaining prominence.


  1. Tailored nutrition supports personal health and wellness goals

Nearly two-thirds of global consumers are interested in foods and beverages that are customised to meet their individual nutrition needs1. A greater understanding of how diet can impact health is spurring more people to choose wholesome, nutrient-dense ingredients in home-cooked and prepared meals, with particular focus on fiber and protein. Brands can help people stay motivated in the kitchen with innovative flavors and convenient formats.


  1. A proactive perspective on immunity

With 65% of global consumers more concerned about immunity since COVID-192, people are shifting from a defensive approach against illness to one that’s more proactive and holistic. Consumers are looking for ways to incorporate immune function-supporting solutions, like probiotics and vitamin C and D, into their daily lives. Products with functional ingredients that support a healthy immune system will increasingly attract consumer attention.


  1. Purposeful indulgence is the new “permissible indulgence”

During the pandemic, many people gave themselves permission to consume indulgent food and beverages as a form of self-care. In fact, 56% of global consumers have purchased comfort food regularly as a result of COVID-193. Consumers are recognising as long as these are purposeful – and not impulsive – choices, indulgence has a role in a positive relationship with food. ADM projects new opportunities for beverages, snacks and confectionery products that deliver functional benefits with delicious flavor.

According to ADM, consumer focus on sustaining health and wellness through nutrition may likely become an enduring behavioral change, even after the end of global pandemic. ADM responds by helping food and beverage companies develop customised solutions to meet evolving consumer needs for healthier living.


1 FMCG Gurus, The Growth of Personalized Nutrition, July 2020
2 FMCG Gurus, How Has COVID-19 Changed Consumer Behavior, March 2021  
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