Tereos, a leading sweetness solutions supplier, has recently announced a strategic sourcing agreement with Firmenich for stevia extracts enabling the company to globally offer its customers unique and traceable stevia- based sweetening solutions.

In our quickly evolving world, the “Good for Me, Good for the Planet” consumer trend continues to play an important role in purchasing decisions. Consumers are now paying more attention to their sugar intake, and public health policies encourage consumption of nutritionally improved products. When buying sweet goods, 55% of European consumers now scrutinise the sugar content, based on findings from Tereos’ 2020 IFOP consumer survey. Meanwhile, according to FMCG Gurus 2020, the COVID-19 health crisis has reinforced this trend with 78% of European consumers looking to eat and drink healthier, and 54% of them stating that they will pay closer attention to natural ingredients.

In this context, it comes as no surprise that consumers’ interest in stevia continues to grow. Innova Market Insights shown that the number of product launches containing stevia grew by more than 16% per year between 2016 and 2020, and current stevia utilisation rates still leave plenty of room for expansion in some major categories. This growth connects with consumers’ desire for better nutritional products. Consumers are looking to reduce fat, sugar, and calories and these are also supported by new references such as the “Nutri-Score” labelling system. Leading food and beverage brands are adapting their formulations to meet these growing trends as products with good nutritional qualities and high scores inevitably perform much better in the marketplace.

The latest IFOP European consumer survey commissioned by Tereos confirmed consumers’ positive awareness of stevia. This survey indicates that, after sugar, stevia is the best-known sweetening ingredient with 83% of 6,002 of the European consumers interviewed recognising stevia, aside from its positive image and  a perception of naturalness.

As one of the leading sweetening solutions company, Tereos has been dealing with stevia for more than 10 years, developing a deep market knowledge and application expertise. Stevia extract is one of several options that Tereos has been offering to meet customers’ sweetening solution requirements. It is part of Tereos’ broad product portfolio which includes sweetness options, bulking agents, fibres and proteins, which add up to a complete set of solutions supported by proven (re)formulation expertise.

By combining Tereos’ solutions with Firmenich’s range of stevia extracts and building on unparalleled expertise in taste, this agreement further accelerates Tereos innovation in sugar reduction. Guillaume Planque, Marketing Director at Tereos said, “This strategic sourcing agreement with Firmenich, the world’s largest privately-owned fragrance and taste company and a leading stevia supplier, opens up new perspectives around stevia and sweetening options for customers who will benefit from Tereos’ reformulation skills and Firmenich extensive expertise in taste and aroma.”

Tereos is an environmentally-responsible leader in the sugar, alcohol and starch markets developing quality products for the food, health and renewable energy sectors. The cooperative group Tereos is a union of more than 12,000 cooperative members and has recognised know-how in the processing of beet, sugarcane, cereals, alfalfa, and potatoes. With 48 industrial sites and presence in 18 countries, Tereos recorded sales revenue of €4.5 billion (US$6.1 billion) in its latest financial year (2019/2020).




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