Savory snacks have always led the way in the snacks category. It is a savory food space that consumers look toward for both familiar and novel taste experiences and is often on the forefront of flavor innovation and experimentation. While classic flavors are well-loved and are the main revenue drivers for brands, consumers are becoming even more adventurous in trying out new flavors they see on retail shelves. So how have savory snacks evolved lately?

Working from home has become a norm which has brought about a kind of monotony in many aspects. This has shifted consumption decisions across different categories and experiences as consumers seek out goods and services that provide for new needs. We have seen how consumers have become home chefs by cooking up “home-gourmet meals” whilst others pursue a new hobby or fitness regimens. When it comes to shopping for snacks, consumers have become more open to try completely new flavors or familiar flavors with a different twist. The uptick in acceptance of novel flavors is also stoked by influencers and everyday people posting about their snacking adventures on social media.


Healthy Snacks in demand

For some, snacks also serve as a meal replacement. The view of snacks as a meal replacement also presents a higher potential for innovation within the savory snack space. We have seen the increase in demand for more versatile and healthier options. “FMCG Gurus research showed that in February 2021, 63% of consumers said that the virus has made them more conscious about their overall health,” according to FMCG Gurus Marketing Manager, Will Cowling.

When it comes to healthier snacking habits, it includes various factors such as natural ingredients; no artificial additives, coloring and flavors; sustainably produced snacks; plant-based snacks and the list goes on. “The future of snacking is not simply a quest for ‘healthier’ foods, but also plant-forward, delicious and convenient products. Healthy snacking doesn’t have to be boring. We can bring in the same robust, ethnic flavors we’re seeing in food trends, into our snacking,” said Dr Albert Bolles, CEO of Curation Foods.


Resurgence of Classic Savory Flavors

While limited edition flavors, seasonal innovation and concepts inspired by restaurant dishes have been hitting the supermarket shelves, classic savory flavors are resurging in popularity. As the global crisis continues, consumers are also reaching for snacks with classic flavors. Aside from trying new flavors, the familiarity of classic flavors is seen and consumed as “comfort food.”  It serves as an inexpensive treat during the prolonged period of time spent at home. Savory snacks are arguably one of the ripest categories for innovation within the food sector. It presents snack brands with a seemingly endless option for flavors, colors, formats, base ingredients, and consumption occasion.

With the expanded potential in the snack category, one might ask how does one proceed to innovate? The Kalsec® philosophy believes that food should not only taste good, it must also look good and stay fresh and all achieved with naturally sourced ingredients. When you partner with Kalsec, you have a multidisciplinary team that can help you create on-trend snacks with superior shelf appeal. Our industry-leading snack experts combine deep and broad knowledge with access to some of the most innovative, naturally sourced products available, to help snack concepts come to life. Kalsec offers a wide range of natural food protection, colors and taste and sensory solutions.  These products are available in delivery systems designed to optimise the translation of our formulations to specific applications.

Make Your Snacks Look Better, Taste Better and Last Longer…..Naturally

We all know food must look as good as it tastes, and Vegetone®, Durabrite® and Naturebrite® Colors crafted by Kalsec can provide a large spectrum of attractive hues and functionalities. Sourced from select natural raw materials, such as annatto, beet, black carrot, carrot, paprika and turmeric, they provide the perfect color solution for your snack application.

Flavors are one of the most important factors in savory snacks. At Kalsec, our industry proven integrated expertise in natural flavors is woven throughout our Taste & Sensory Solutions portfolio to give you confidence that our products will deliver on authenticity, consistency, and creativity. Our range of solutions extend from culinary garlic, onion and specialty alliums to international cuisine flavors and our renowned hot and spicy creations. Whether you are looking for that iconic flavor that consumers know and enjoy, or you want to add a culinary dimension to your dish, Kalsec will help you differentiate your savory snacks through our crafted culinary flavors.

Snacks that are fried in oils create the crunchy texture consumers crave. Unfortunately, that same oil can degrade over time as it is subjected to high temperatures, air and moisture. This oxidative degradation not only reduces quality but can also increase rancidity in the final snack product.  Nuts are another ingredient susceptible to rancidity. The highly unsaturated fat content of nuts offers favorable health claims, but can also lead to rancidity and reduce eating quality. Incorporating Kalsec antioxidant solutions such as Duralox® Oxidation Management Systems or Herbalox® Rosemary Extract into your formulation can extend the shelf-life of snacks and nuts and minimise off-flavors and aromas.

Kalsec expertly crafted ingredients combine naturally sourced materials with insights and technical expertise. This unique combination has positioned Kalsec as the trusted partner that food manufacturers turn to for quality, reliability and consistency. Whether it is snacks, bakery, instant noodles, meat and poultry or sauces and dressings, Kalsec is your partner for creating innovative solutions that consumers look for.

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