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‘Consumer Goods Intelligence Pte Ltd, or briefly CGI, was established in August 2000 in Singapore, with the initial purpose of serving clients entirely in the Asian beverages industry. It launched BeverASIA, Asia’s first and only comprehensive beverage newsletter for the beverage industry in Asia and has been serving this segment till 2010. The company has now moved to its next step of providing complete information to both the food and beverage industry players with the introduction of ASIA FOOD & BEVERAGES DATABANK, which is a complete database of information on companies, suppliers, ingredients, equipments, market information, trends, activities and investments in both the food and beverage industry. In other words, nothing will be left behind and everything related to the food and beverage industry affecting Asia will be found in this databank site. The KEY PERSONALITIES working to make this possible have decades of work experience specialising entirely in the food and beverage consultancy, and so you are assured of quality, timely information anywhere anytime just by the click of the button’
Company Objectives

• To assist companies in understanding the Asian food & beverages industry through its existing products - i.e. newsletter, research and database services.

• To be a medium or platform where food & beverage information is transmitted in the most user-friendly fashion.

• To provide food & beverage companies with information and research services at nominal cost yet not compromising on quality.

• To be a medium where food & beverage specialists exchange their views, opinions and information on the food & beverages industry in Asia.

• To facilitate investment in the ill-informed Asian food & beverage market.

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