Impossible Burgers to come to Singapore by 1st half 2019

During the CES show in Las Vegas recently, Founder of Impossible Burgers, Pat Brown disclosed that it will be coming to Singapore by the 1st half of 2019.
“We are in very advanced discussions with quite a number of customers. We have talked with a number of restaurants in Singapore already, we know quite a number of them that we're going to launch with,” he said.
Initially, its product will be shipped to Singapore but Dr Brown added, “We are certainly considering, eventually, that Singapore might be a good place to have manufacturing and maybe some product research. We haven't committed to that but it's definitely something we are thinking about.”
The company has also recently launched Impossible Burger 2.0, its next-generation version of the plant-based Impossible Burger which contains no gluten, animal hormones or antibiotics. It is also kosher and Halal-certified. The new recipe delivers the rich, beefy, juicy taste that discerning meat lovers demand. It also has 0 mg cholesterol, 14g of total fat and 240 calories in a quarter-pound patty. This compares favourably to the 80 mg cholesterol, 23g of total fat and 290 calories in a quarter-pound patty of conventional “80/20” ground beef from cows.