igus Polymer bearings boost hygiene, service life in wine production

igus certainly has something small but good to offer to wine producers. Its lubrication-free iglidur J plain bearings can effectively replace metallic solutions in grape destemming machines.
In the initial part of wine production, after harvesting, gentle processing of the grape plays a critical role in the quality of the wine. Destemming machines carefully pluck the grapes from the stems. Lubrication and maintenance-free iglidur J plain bearings are used in the destemming machines from Siprem International, which mount the inner drum and thus increase the service life of the machines. Siprem International SpA is one of the world’s leading producer of wine machinery and equipment, and is used by many wine producers globally.
During harvest, the grapes are machine picked with the stems and stalks still attached. They are then transported into a destemming machine. Using a drum-like sieve, the fruit is separated from the bitter stems and stalks in a rotating movement (similar to a washing machine). The environment of dirt and wood is a real challenge for the bearings. The use of reliable iglidur J bearings in the destemming machines help to overcome this challenge.
In major wine producing state of California, over 130,000 litres of wine are produced in just 2 months through facilities employing Siprem International technology. Siprem destemming machines use iglidur J bearings which are lubrication-free, chemical resistant and have a low moisture absorption rate - features that enable a reliable, continuous rotation of the drum.
In the past, metallic bearings used had to be serviced and replaced frequently in this difficult working environment due to the wood residue. They were ultimately replaced by polymer plain bearings from igus®. Igus® iglidur bearings have been designed to increase the service life of the machine and reduce its downtime.
German-based igus GmbH is a leading global manufacturer of energy chain systems and polymer plain bearings.