Low calorie snacks from The Nutkins

A new range of peanuts from The Nutkins, a new snack company established by Zac Chua, is now available in the Singapore market.
Zac Chua is also the owner of Kettle Gourmet, a popcorn company that is currently pushing 500 bags a day. Zac is now in the midst of exploring corporate partnerships and B2B options with plans to bring his F&B business regional over the next 2 to 3 years.
The Nutkins offers low calorie snacks in exciting locally inspired flavors, namely Black Pepper and Baked Prawn. The nuts are produced in a factory in Malaysia, tuned and tested specifically for food lovers to enjoy a traditional snack, with sales expected to commence on 1 January. The nuts are packaged in 100g bags and priced at S$5 (US$3.70) each.
In fact, The Nutkins has already enjoyed tremendous amount of pre-sale success, breaking even on day 1 with over 12,000 bags sold via corporate partnerships with giant companies Redmart, Honestbee, Salt Theaters @ Capital Theater, and the Singapore Petroleum Company, to name a few.
Zac Chua founded The Nutkins in early 2018 to disrupt the traditional snack and peanut industry with modern branding and flavours. The Nutkins also caters to bulk company orders and offer them customisable logos and messages at the back of each packet.
Currently, Zac is planning of expanding its business to overseas distributors in Hong Kong, Phillipines, Vietnam. Zac said, "In the very long term, I want to build an international F&B conglomerate for my legacy. I have always believed that F&B is about channels/distribution so in the short term, I spent the first year building channels with The Kettle Gourmet. Now that we have a lot of them, I can offer more variety to my existing clientele (Go deep first, then go wide strategy). If all goes according to plan, you can expect 5-10 products from us in the next 3 years."
At present, consumers can also buy the snacks online at with free delivery for purchases above S$30 (US$22.20).