Pepsi Generation Campaign unveils limited-edition ‘nostalgic’ packaging

Pepsi Philippines has launched in December special edition Pepsi cans and bottles sporting the beverage company’s iconic brand logos from the 1940s all the way to early 2000s.
“The Pepsi Generation campaign celebrates the enduring taste that spans decades, all while bringing families and friends closer with the Pepsi they all remember and enjoy," said Gutzee Segura of PepsiCo. Philippines.
The special editions start with the first-ever logo the brand had in 1946 sporting its novelty blue, red, and white colors with the original swirly script. The 1950s make a distinct change to the swirly script logo with a smoother, simpler look framed in blue and red banners. A Pepsi crown logo caps the Swinging 60s which would eventually inspire the minimalist branding of the 1980s where white was used for the backdrop, outlining the rectangular and circular parts of the logo. A slight change to this would be seen a decade after when the Pepsi brand would be featured more prominently on the side of the logo in italic font. At the turn of the millennium, Pepsi launched its new look called "Globe," dropping the bold red platform of the logo for the icy blue backdrop displaying the stylized, 3-dimensional Pepsi Globe.
“Everyone had a Pepsi they remember, it was part of their memories of growing up and celebrations they cherish with their friends and families. We want to give Filipinos a little piece from those years to help them relive those special moments,” said Segura.
Each unique design was featured on both the bottle and can versions of Pepsi, along with it are special Pepsi Generation bundles that come with tumblers sporting each decade's designs and more freebies.