honestbee launches world's first hi-tech retail store

honestbee, Asia's leading marketplace that delivers quality fresh food products and food home delivery to over 8 markets, has recently unveiled ‘habitat by honestbee’, the world's first tech-integrated multi-sensory grocery and dining store.
CEO & Founder of honestbee, Joel Sng, called it 'NewGen Retail' - innovation in retail technology which inspires more human engagement for a multi-sensory shopping experience.
At the forefront of innovation in online and offline retail, honestbee is investing on technological know-how to drive convenience, personalisation and multi-sensory experiences by launching the 'NewGen Retail' concept in this new physical space, habitat.
habitat by honestbee is a full 60,000 sq.ft supermarket, speciality fresh grocer, online fulfillment center, retail innovation hub and experiential dining destination all in one thoughtfully designed environment. Over 20,000 Asian and global ingredients and daily essentials can be purchased seamlessly online and offline in one honestbee app.
habitat offers 2 world firsts: a cashless checkout experience (AutoCheckout) and robotic collection point (RoboCollect). Orders can be processed end to end in under 5 minutes. Smart infrastructure ensures hassle-free, multi-sensory shopping experience with operational productivity.
To enter habitat, customers have to download the honestbee app. This is linked to the credit card or through beePay, honestbee's very own mobile payments wallet to make secure, cashless transactions. For purchases of 10 items or less, shoppers can use the "Scan & Go" function on the honestbee app, so they can skip the checkout line and get their items on the spot. For more items, shoppers can drop off their personal trolleys at the convenient AutoCheckout point and habitat will take care of the scanning, packing, payments and delivery.
Shoppers can also order from habitat's food and beverage concepts for dine-in, take-away as well as home delivery, while online grocery orders are fulfilled by shopper bees using overhead conveyor belts for greater productivity before driver bees pick them up for one hour time belt deliveries within the day.
habitat by honestbee's ecosystem and partnership makes it convenient and less expensive for global entrepreneurs and FMCG/F&B partners to establish or expand their presence online and offline. Without having to commit to technological and operational costs as well as infrastructure and fixtures, marketplace partners can enjoy the integration of online and offline, logistics, cashless payment, customer service and data, allowing them to focus on delivering quality, one-of-a-kind dining and shopping experiences.
"In this thoughtful space, one can expect a multi-sensorial food experience that nourishes, educates and inspires. We designed it so that customers can get their groceries and meals efficiently but also linger and enjoy the experience," said Pauline Png, VP & Managing Director, habitat by honestbee.
"We are excited to bring this 'NewGen Retail' concept from Singapore to our other 8 markets and beyond soon," added Joel Sng, CEO, honestbee.
honestbee started in Singapore in 2015 and is now in 16 cities across 8 countries which include Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hong Kong.