Festo showcased its IoT Solutions for the F&B industry at ITAP

Festo showcased its suite of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions during the Industrial Transformation Asia Pacific (ITAP) exhibition held from 16 to 18 October 2018 in Singapore.
These solutions enable F&B manufacturing systems to digitally connect to a cloud. The data collected from these systems allow users to conduct predictive maintenance and monitor resources, increasing efficiency and productivity.
One such IoT solution is the Energy Efficiency Monitoring (E2M) module by Festo, which rigorously monitors and regulates the compressed air supply in new and existing systems – fully automatically. It uses zero compressed air consumption in standby mode and checks the system for leaks regularly. If a leak is found, a notification will be sent to the system operator. Other important data such as flow rate, pressure and consumption are also easily transmitted, visualised and operated via a control panel. This enables convenient remote process monitoring.
Festo also displayed its Motion Terminal VTEM, a smart valve terminal that controls direction, speed and force. Combining the advantages of electric and pneumatic technologies, the VTEM packs a multitude of functions into a single component. Accessible and controllable by applications on an online dashboard, machinery format can be changed with minimal downtime and little to no effort. Just imagine - form, fill and seal processes for F&B products whose weight and sizes may vary can now achieve the highest possible levels of standardisation. With the VTEM, users can look forward to simplified systems, streamlined engineering processes, and flexibility to adjust their machinery throughout its life cycle.
The EtherCAT servo drive (CMMT) is another IoT solution from Festo. With the ability to be connected online, the CMMT is a precise, powerful and economical device used in and not limited to pick and place applications, labelling as well as feeding of materials in manufacturing processes.
Connecting all the 3 devices directly to the cloud is the IoT gateway (CPX-IoT). The CPX-IoT facilitates a smooth exchange of information between systems and users with no programming needed thereby saving time and maximise work efficiency.
Regardless of whether a manufacturing process uses pneumatic or electric technology, the combination of E2M, VTEM, CMMT and CPX-IOT makes the machinery smart. It is truly a hybrid solution from Festo to meet F&B manufacturers’ growing needs in the 4th industrial revolution.
Festo is a German-based supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology to 300,000 customers globally in over 40 industries. It boasts of physical presence in 61 countries with a record turnover of €3.1 billion (US$3.54 billion) in 2017.