Yili officially made its presence felt in Indonesia

China's largest dairy company, Yili Group, has recently done a product launch in Indonesia to also signify its official entrance into the Indonesian market.
Yili Group has registered a wholly owned subsidiary in Indonesia called Green Asian Food Indonesia Co., Ltd, which has already launched 11 ice-cream products under the brand of Joyday in the domestic market.
Zhang Jianqiu, CEO of Yili Group, said by the end of this year, Yili products will cover more than 20 cities in Indonesia, and then will gradually expand to other ASEAN countries.
The 11 Joyday flavors were results from recent research done on the market and are now available in 4 main cities namely Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya and Bandung. Yili will expand its geographical coverage with new products in the years to come.
Zhang said, “Today, the global launch of Joyday is a milestone, it tells the world that Yili is about to enter into the entire Southeast Asian market. With nutritious and delicious dairy products, Yili is eager to carve out a 'Silk Road of Dairy' to share a healthy life with people around the world.”
Yili Group has established branches in America, Europe and Oceania with the aim of improving local material supply conditions. Among these branches, the company said its most significant move is to have established the Oceania Dairy Co., Ltd in New Zealand.