Tereos opens its R&D Centre in Singapore to cater to growing ASEAN market

On 24 October, Tereos officially opened its R&D Centre in Singapore with the support of the Economic Development Board (EDB). This will be its 3rd application research centre in the world after France (2008) and China (2017).
Tereos is a global leader in sugar, alcohol, starch & sweeteners, and leading provider of healthy formulations. The new R&D Centre is set up to offer novel solutions on key local applications to the regional Asian markets. Tereos food scientists at the new R&D Centre will leverage on the Group’s extensive portfolio of products to address growing demand for noodles, bakery products, confectionery, teas, sauces, snacks and beverages.
According to Alexis Duval, CEO of Tereos, Singapore is at the heart of the region with world-renown expertise, allowing Tereos to react as fast and as close as possible to the needs of regional consumers.
The R&D Centre aims to be a place of collaboration and synergy as Tereos food scientists will work closely with international and local clients. By providing them with tailor-made, innovative and sustainable formulations, Tereos thrives to improve food nutrition and quality for consumers in Asia Pacific. For example, the Tereos ‘Sweet&You’ offering is a service that supports its bakery, candy and beverage customers with optimal sweetening formulation which can also help to lower caloric values in their products. Another of its patented formulation, ‘Epi & Co’ is rich in protein, 100% vegetarian, clean-label with no artificial coloring or preservatives. This can find wide applications in meat-replacement or plant-based food products.
Tereos also plans to collaborate with established research centres and leading academic institutions in its R&D efforts, and to conduct studies and scientific research on food consumption and formulation. Demand for low sugar and nutritional food is growing as governments in Asia also seek to find ways to overcome growing problem of obesity and diabetes in its populations. This is where Tereos R&D efforts and its formulations can come in to offer real solutions to all these problems.
Anne Wagner, Corporate Research & Development Director, Tereos commented that Singapore is an ideal location for Tereos R&D Centre in Asia as it is a regional agri-food hub with easy access to great scientific talents ranging from food processing to human nutrition science as well as aquaculture which is a big market for Tereos’ protein development portfolio.
Tereos had built its presence in Asia since 2012, and presently it has 2 industrial facilities in China comprising of corn/wheat starch facilities in Tieling and Dongguan, both in partnership with the Wilmar Group, and one corn starch facility in Indonesia in partnership with FKS Group. In addition, Tereos also has 4 sales offices in Singapore, India, Vietnam, and Hong Kong, that have collectively exported to more than 20 countries worldwide.
The long-term vision of Tereos is the processing of agricultural raw materials and the development of quality food products. In its latest financial year, the Group reported turnover of €5 billion (US$5.66 billion). Its existing clients in Asia are not only global MNCs like Coca-Cola Co, Unilever and Nestle but also regional accounts like Indofood, JAPFA and Charoen Pokphand Group amongst others.