ADM to offer all-rounded, versatile application of its plant-based ingredients

ADM works to provide purposeful ingredients that deliver taste, nutrition, texture and functionality. ADM takes a holistic approach to developing innovative foods and beverages that meet consumer needs today and into the future.
ADM’s plant-based ingredients are versatile and can be applied in various applications from beverages to patties/nuggets to baked goods and nutritional bars.
ADM was one of the key exhibitors at Fi Asia 2018 held in Jakarta recently, and it saw an interesting consumer trend emerging, particularly the growing interest in functional food and beverages that can provide meaningful eating or drinking experiences. Judging from the number of visitors at the ADM booth, the interests revolve around plant-based beverages such as protein smoothies and soy-based beverages. Visitors are also impressed with ADM expertise to develop soy-based drinks that did not have the ‘beany’ note that is most typical of most soy-based beverages.
“ADM is at the forefront of plant-based ingredients including highly nutritional proteins. ADM soy protein isolates provides the essential amino acids the body needs. Clarisoy®, a neutral tasting soy protein isolate is suitable for use in low pH, neutral beverages and coffee creamers,” said Sarah Lim, Senior Marketing Manager (SEA), ADM Nutrition
Apart from soy proteins, ADM’s edible beans such as red beans and black beans also generated interest as a pantry-friendly ingredient that is versatile to be used across beverages, biscuits, bars, savoury snacks and meat applications.
Today’s health conscious consumers are looking for authenticity in claims and delivery of benefits, and this is where ADM can come in to offer solutions to its customers. Sarah mentioned that, “The plant-based movement is global, and it is emerging and coming to Southeast Asia.”
ADM is confident that the demand for plant-based ingredients will grow as this is evident in the amount of supermarket shelf space allocated to plant-based products ranging from plant-based beverages to plant-based meats and meals, including plant-based ingredients such as beans, chia seeds and quinoa. Sarah added, “The rise of ‘flexitarianism’ also fuels plant-based consumption where they also source their protein intake from soy protein and beans.” This, coupled with growing urbanisation in Asia will lead to greater demand for convenient, tasty and nutritious food products.
In addition, with the rising awareness of their sustainability and nutritional benefits, plant proteins will continue to be utilised in a broader range of food applications. As compared to other proteins, soy consistently delivers on the attributes that are most important to nutrition and consumer preferences, which will likely lead to its growing popularity.
For the ASEAN market, ADM promotes its Clarisoy®, one of the most neutral-tasting soy proteins suitable for applications in beverages, dairy and coffee creamers. Another of its product portfolio Textura™ is a range of textured plant-based crisps suitable for bars and biscuits. In Indonesia specifically, the development of nutrition bars is gaining traction.