USDEC showcased wide applications of US Permeate to meet ASEAN palate

At Fi Asia 2018, US Dairy Export Council, or USDEC, had showcased the versatility of US Dairy Ingredients, particularly Permeate, for regional ASEAN applications.
According to Ms Dalilah Ghazalay, Regional Director (SEA) of USDEC, "There has been tremendous work done so far to guide the industry to think about innovating with US dairy ingredients. Specifically, for Fi Asia, we had several prototypes and recipe formulations that we worked on using US permeate and other dairy proteins."
USDEC focused on two major aspects of dairy ingredients during Fi Asia 2018 permeate and dairy proteins. US Permeate has now found novel applications in ASEAN-based palates from bakery products like the Pandan Gula Melaka Cake to savory Curry Cookies, in addition to its existing applications in western bakery products. US dairy protein, can also find applications in nutritional Asian desserts, snacks, yoghurt and beverages. Dairy proteins are divided into two basic categories whey protein and milk protein. The whey protein include whey protein concentrates (WPC) and isolates(WPI), which range in protein from 34% to 89% for a WPC and a minimum of 90% for WPI. The milk protein includes milk protein concentrates (MPC) and isolates (MPI) with similar ranges in protein as whey protein. Functional properties of each protein depend on the type of food application. Both whey and milk proteins have high quality, complete source of essential and non-essential amino acids.
Permeate, is a high-lactose dairy ingredient produced through the removal of protein and other solids from milk or whey via physical separation techniques. Permeates have a minimum of 76% lactose and is extremely suitable for applications in bakery, confectionery and other products. Permeates also contain about 14% max. of minerals and two to seven percent of non-proten nitrogen, contributing to the sensory attribute of flavor potentiators, which allow for reduction sodium and enhance the taste and flavor of the product.
Martin Teo, Technical Director, Food Applications of USDEC said, "we have been pushing for awareness on the benefits of permeate in various applications like soups and sauces, candies and even processed meat. At Fi Asia, we showcased the use of US permeate in sweet pandan sesame cookies, savory spicy curry cookies and two instant noodle seasonings chicken and curry with 25% salt reduction."
Dalilah elaborated that permeate can offer tremendous benefits to food manufacturers in ASEAN in terms of sodium reduction, flavor enhancement and cost reduction. In other words, US permeate can be applied in the production of 'Better-For-You' products.
Permeate allows a food manufacturer to replace partially or all of the salt content in its products, without compromising on the taste of the product.
Martin added that apart from its salt-reduction benefit, US permeate is high in lactose and could be a good partial or full substitute to milk powder and whey powder which cost much more to a food manufacturer or supplier. Apart from cost-savings, permeate contributes to browning of baked goods, and it is a 'clean label' natural ingredient.
When asked if the use of US permeate will have a negative impact on taste of the product, Martin said, "There is no compromise on taste as US permeate has already found wide applications in many countries including Indonesia and the Philippines. To ensure that taste is not compromised, USDEC has also done sensory tests as well as numerous workshops, with three exploring bakery permeates and one workshop slated to be organised soon to conceptualize soft-serve ice cream using permeate."
USDEC has also given recognition to its partnership with Singapore Polytechnic's Food Innovation and Resource Centre (FIRC) that is instrumental in the development of innovative products using US dairy proteins and US permeate to meet the taste palate of ASEAN consumers. Dalilah said, "For those who have already been using permeate in their products, we want to educate them on how to optimise the use of whey permeate further. For those who did not know of its application, that is how our partnership with FIRC comes in."
US permeate is adaptable and can be applied to even savory products. One must be puzzled at the use of dairy ingredient in savory applications, for example in Asian spicy curry cookies, owing to its sodium-reduction and flavor enhancement benefits. As with the earlier examples, it can find applications even in instant noodle seasonings to convey a healthier image with lower use of salt.
At present, USDEC is targeting the food manufacturing and food service industries which supply bakery products, ready to eat meal, premixes, confectionery, seasonings, snacks, soup, sauces, beverages, ice cream and more with its dairy ingredients.
Based on the latest statistics, the market for baked goods, a segment wherein permeates are incorporated, is projected to grow by 40% in Southeast Asia from US$5.7 billion in 2017 to US$8 billion in 2022.
Innova Market Insights also revealed that 12% of tracked new F&B products launches in 2017 were in Asia, with Southeast Asia accounting for nine percent of the share. Southeast Asia also saw new F&B permeate products launches in 2017 tripling 2013 figures. These new permeate products, according to Innova, occupied the packaged and confectionery segments as well as the hot drinks category.
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