Callebaut held its 1st Chocolate Tasting Ritual in Singapore

For the first time in Southeast Asia, Barry Callebaut hosted a special event on 19 September, opened to a selective group of media in Singapore, to experience the most comprehensive chocolate tasting sensory experience.
Callebaut is the inventor of ruby chocolate, which is the 4th type of chocolate after milk, dark and white. As part of this group of media, we are invited to taste the different range of chocolates, including the newly launched ruby chocolate, and learning the sensory language to describe the tasting experience.
Also present was Sensory expert and book author, Renata Januszewska (from Belgium), who helped to conduct both the Chocolate Tasting Ritual and introduced the sensory language for chocolate to representatives from the media in Singapore. A similar press event was conducted in Cologne (Germany) and Shanghai (China) earlier this year.
One of the most interesting findings during the event was that 80-90% of taste is often perceived by the nose.
Chef Seung Yun Lee was also present to elaborate to the media on the possible broad application of Ruby chocolate in bakery, confectionery and food services in this region. With a slightly sour but natural ‘raspberry-like’ note, ruby chocolate will attract consumer interest but certainly a lot of consumer education is required to accept its unique taste before it can be officially accepted into the mainstream market.
Barry Callebaut is the world’s leading supplier of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, and has been producing chocolates for more than 150 years.