Halal ranks top criteria for New Product Launches in Asia

A recent presentation made by Dr Wannita Jirangrat, Sensory Manager, DDM, Thai Union Group revealed interesting developments for Halal Food in the Asian region.
According to Dr Wannita, religious beliefs exert a strong influence on food consumption habits. Compliance with religious dietary laws also has strong correlation with health and with good food safety practices and ethical claims.
She added that ‘Halal’ is on top of the list for 29,634 new products launched in Asia Pacific from 2015 – 2018 (See Chart 1.0) compared to other criteria/requirements.
In addition, Halal is also the leading type of ethical labelling globally. In 2017, global Halal Packaged Food & Drink sales reached US$55 billion with 6% growth. Roughly 90% of the sales came from Asia Pacific.
In the Asia Pacific region alone, 73% of the overall sales of Halal packaged food and drink came from Packaged Food followed by Soft Drink (15%) and Hot Drinks (12%).