Sidel StarLite UltraLight for Carbonated Drinks offers lighter bottle to the market

The Sidel StarLite™ family of bottle base solutions is now offering the beverage market its latest StarLite UltraLight for carbonated soft drinks (CSD).
This new design, StarLite UltraLight, allows for an even lighter bottle than the existing solutions in the beverage market. By lowering the product costs, while maintaining the expected level of carbonation, this innovative bottle addresses the hard discount chains’ needs and challenges for more affordable products while ensuring good product quality for consumers.
The Sidel StarLite UltraLight base has been designed for highly carbonated beverages with a short distribution stream. “As such, it lends itself perfectly to CSD and sparkling water, sold in countries with a more temperate climate through hard discount supply chains, applying regular stock rotation,” said Laurent Naveau, Packaging expert at Sidel.
The new UltraLight CSD base design significantly decreases the amount of raw material needed to produce PET bottles. “The optimum bottle base design results in a staggering 25% lighter bottle weight compared to a traditional CSD bottle at around 13.5g, contributing as a whole to reduced production costs while maintaining carbonated beverage quality,” added Laurent.
When compared to the traditional 0.5 litre CSD bottle which weighs 13.5g, the very lightweighted StarLite UltraLight CSD only weighs 10.5g. In addition, a 1.5 litre bottle now weighs 24g compared to the traditional bottle which usually weighs 28g.
Sidel’s StarLite UltraLight solution also comes with an innovative CSD bottle neck design, the latter 26/22 neck finish featuring a weight of as little as 2.3g, a thread diameter of 26mm, an inner diameter of 21.7mm, and a height of 13mm.
By optimising the amount of PET required to manufacture the bottle, the new Sidel StarLite UltraLight CSD base offers a substantial reduction in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). For example, for a 0.5 litre bottle, the total annual production PET savings for the new base combined with the new neck will be at Euros 1.125 million (US$1.307 million). For the 1.5 litre bottle, the savings are even more up to a total of Euro 1.53 million (US$1.78 million).
The bottle featuring the StarLite UltraLight CSD base also includes a patented and smart design, which combines the innovative base with an optimal body shape. It offers functional benefits without compromising on attractiveness and brand differentiation potential.
“When opening the bottle with a firm hand grip, there is no splashing due to the rigid waist embedded in the structured bottle design,” said Laurent. Additionally, the good base seating surface eliminates any risk of bottle base distortions, as such contributing to perfect bottle stability. Moreover, production speed can reach up to an output rate of 2,500 bottles per hour per mould.
The StarLite UltraLight CSD offers hard discount chains the opportunity to release more affordable carbonated beverages in PET bottles to the consumers while not compromising on quality.