Coca Cola to buy Costa coffee chain as part of its global diversification move

Coca-Cola is acquiring Britainís largest coffee chain for US$5.1 billion.
Costa has more than 2,400 coffee shops in the UK and 1,400 others in more than 30 countries, including around 460 in China, its 2nd largest market.
This is Coca-Cola's latest move to diversify as health-conscious consumers move away from traditional carbonated and high-sugar drinks.
The company also recently said it is buying a stake in sports drink manufacturer, BodyArmor. Coca-Cola's other investments in recent years have included milk that is strained to have more protein and a push into sparkling water.
Meanwhile, its major rival PepsiCo has recently acquired carbonated drink maker, Soda-Stream, which produces machines that allow people to make fizzy drinks in their homes.