Minh Hung Group partners 2 foreign technology firms to build HPP plant in Vietnam

Canada’s MHEnviron Group, US-based Avure Technologies under JBT Corporation, and Vietnam’s Minh Hung Group have signed a memorandum of understanding in late-February to build a food manufacturing and processing plant in the southern province of Long An.
The plant, which covers more than 15 hectares in the outlying district of Ben Luc, is expected to cost around Dong 500 billion (US$22 million). The plant will start construction in September this year and will take 9 months to complete.
Products that will be made in the early stage include traditional Vietnamese dishes like ‘pho’ or ‘bun bo Hue’ (Hue-styled noodle soup with beef).
The plant will be equipped with High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology so that the food products can retain their flavor, quality and nutritional value without using additives, preservatives or chemicals. Lam Dao Hung, Chairman of Minh Hung Group said, "In the future, Minh Hung Group will also work with its partners to sell processed pho in foreign markets like North America and the EU.”
Tom Woodward, Vice President of Sales at Avure Technologies explained that HPP is a cold pasteurisation technique by which products, already sealed in its final package, are subjected to a high level of isostatic pressure transmitted by water. It helps eliminate food spoilage microorganisms like Listeria monocytogenes, E.coli and Salmonella.
Under the deal, Avure Technologies will provide technology and equipment while MHEnviron Group will inject money into the plant, and pool its expertise in operation and commercialisation.
The 3 partners will use mainly Vietnamese farm products to produce food using HPP technology.