Tea Finest recognised as the first tea capsules wholly manufactured in Singapore

Singapore’s first homegrown production of tea pod capsules, Tea Finest brings the choice flavours of tea in a quick and delicious way. Improving on the taste of a regularly brewed tea, Tea Finest capsules are filled with exacting quantities of tea leaves and buds that have been through stringent rounds of quality-control.
Chosen specifically for the Singaporean palate, their current range offers 5 different flavours of tea with the latest additions being Tribute Green Tea Buds and Rare Golden Tea Buds. Tea Finest capsule is sold in a 21g box packaging containing 7 capsules with each capsule containing 3g of tea leaves. These 100% organic teas are sold in 5 variants ranging from S$10.95 (US$8.31) to S$20.95 (US$15.90) per packaging.
An alternative to steeping, the Tea Finest capsule utilises the high pressure of a Nespresso machine to coax the best flavours out of their teas. Firmly believing that taste is everything, Tea Finest treats each tea pod flavour differently to produce the optimal taste for that flavour.
Founder of Tea Finest, Victor Chu said, “We want to ensure that our customers have the best experience with our teas from the moment they order it. We take this very seriously and everything that we do back-end, from choosing the tea leaves to the packaging of our product, is with the consumer experience in mind.”
Despite the automated nature of the tea capsule, the Tea Finest team is passionate about creating a sustainable product of the highest quality. This governs their process from the start (tea leaves selection), all the way to the end (materials and packaging).
The teas are specifically selected from several regions of Taiwan and China, working closely with tea plantations to ensure only the choice products are harvested. These are then inspected in batches to ensure quality. Additionally, a key difference between the teas offered by Tea Finest and other teas (whether loose leaf, tea bag or pods), are that each capsule contains a unique combination of tea leaves and tea buds to produce the best flavour profile and strength.
Several unique features of Tea Finest teas are that they are sourced from plantations at least 2,000 feet above sea level as the quality is better higher up. In addition, no pesticides were used in the planting process for all Tea Finest teas, which are 100% organic and tested by AVA-approved labs to be free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavouring. The teas are only harvested in Spring to ensure the ideal taste. Because of the leaf and bud combination, each Tea Finest pod allows 3 continuous steeps with consistent tea aroma, body and aftertaste.
Once the tea leaves/buds have been harvested, they are shipped to Singapore to be assembled into tea capsule form – a safeguard to further guarantee the quality and hygiene of the packaging process.
Every tea is specially hand crafted by Tea Finest tea masters using selected premium spring season harvest of the year. We only offer a handpicked selection of the freshest and the finest teas from high land regions across greater China and Taiwan – they are organic and free from environmental pollutants.