Koreaís Orion ranked 14th in global top 100 confectionery companies

Orion has been ranked the 14th largest confectionery company in the world by sales by global confectionery industry magazine, Candy Industry.
Orion was placed highest among Korean confectionery companies, and has ranked above 15th for 6 consecutive years. The industry leader posted sales of US$2 billion last year.
According to the company, newly launched snacks such as Kkobuk Chip led to a rise in sales in the domestic market last year, while overseas sales of signature snack Choco Pie in Vietnam and Russia have contributed to an overall sales increase. The company said it sold more than 500 million Choco Pies in Vietnam last year, an unprecedented number underscoring its popularity abroad. Meanwhile, sales in China decreased 33.2% year-on-year, Orion said, amid a diplomatic row between South Korea and China over Seoulís decision to deploy an US anti-missile system.
Orion aims to grow steadily this year by strengthening its leadership in chocolate and savory snacks, which are its strongest categories in the overseas market including China, and also expanding distribution channels in Vietnam and Russia.
Orion will continue to sustain its growth through new market development as well as through launches of differentiated new products.
Another Korean confectionery manufacturer which made it to the Top 20 list is Lotte Confectionery which was ranked 16th. There are only 4 other Asian confectionery manufacturers that made to the top 20 list and all are Japanese-based companies namely Meiji Co.Ltd (4th), Ezaki Glico (8th), Morinaga & Co. (18th) Bourbon Corp (20th). As such, Japanese confectioners have truly crafted a name for themselves.
As expected, world-renown brand Mars retains its top position (1st) along with Ferrero (2nd) and Mondelez (3rd) in the latest ranking.