Candy manufacturers can now mold chewing gum into various shapes, thanks to WACKER’s CAPIVA® C 03

Candy manufacturers can now produce chewing gums in various shapes, thanks to Wacker’s CAPIVA® C 03, a copolymer-resin premix which is insoluble in water and can be completely melted, allowing it to be blended uniformly into a sugar compound.
Dr Thomas Wimmer, head of the chewing gum lab run by Wacker Biosolutions division said, "We are producing a raw material that lets you cook chewing-gum like candy and shape it however you want instead of going through an elaborate mixing process."
This new process also works on an industrial scale, as demonstrated by a pilot project run by Bosch Makat Candy Technology GmbH, a subsidiary of Bosch Packaging Technology that manufactures specialty confectionery equipments. Bosch specialises in developing mogul lines for large scale manufacturing of gummy bears and jelly candies amongst others. With the use of CAPIVA® C 03, a typical plant had to spend very little on additional plant components, and has no problem in producing huge variety of shapes for its products. In other words, it allows a manufacturer to produce chewing gum in any shape it wants on the same equipment that it could use for other confectionery production like jellies, gummy candies, marshmallows and fondants.
The stirring process, which involves CAPIVA® C 03 premix melted and pumped into a hot sugar solution, also produces a homogenous mixture that is immediately ready for mouding into prepared starch molds that can create any shape one can imagine, while allowing switching of molds rather quickly. Chewing gum made using CAPIVA® C 03 can also use silicone molds.
According to Dr Alessandro Capuani, Business Development Manager in the Gum Department of Wacker Biosolutions, "We can adjust and optimise formulation to meet the customer's technical specifications. CAPIVA® C 03 allows us to offer formulations that dont become stringy or that gum up the equipment, thus reducing the time spent on cleaning and the amount of material consumed." Chewing gum ingredients formulated with CAPIVA® C 03 can be easily cleaned from equipment using hot water or common industrial detergents. Capuani also added that formulation and process parameters can also be adjusted to make the product harder or softer. In addition, the cooking process used also allows formulators to use a number of liquid ingredients that could not be used in the conventional process.
WACKER is so confident that CAPIVA® C 03 will offer new opportunities for candy manufacturers that it has recently introduced this new innovation to visitors at ProSweets Cologne 2018 exhibition which was held on 27 to 30 January this year.

Chewing Gum segment
Euromonitor estimated that approximately 700,000 metric tonnes of chewing gums were sold globally in 2017, which translated to 13.5 pieces of chewing gum consumed per person in a year.
New flavors of chewing gum have been developed over the years and the role of chewing gum has evolved from just consumed for entertainment to one for oral-care or delivering medications.
It was only like yesterday that chewing gum can take limited number of shapes due to the nature of its raw materials that need to be mixed while warm, while candies can be moulded in various shapes as they can be cooked. CAPIVA® C 03 is about to change all this.