Unique sports packaging from Roar Ambition boosted sales by 300%

Leading UK sports nutrition company, Roar Ambition, has earlier partnered with TricorBraun to create a unique packaging for its new sports pre-workout supplement under the brand of 4 Gauge.
Roar Ambition, an e-commerce company, knew that visual disruption will be a critical factor in the success of their new product for what is considered a tremendously popular segment of sports nutrition. They are targeting a younger generation of fitness enthusiasts, men and women age 18 to 35, with a pre-workout supplement. While powder supplements are often sold in flexible pouches, the theme for this new launch would include a rigid bottle.
The idea for a rigid bottle that looked like a shotgun shell casing was the brainchild of Robert Parker, owner and President of Roar Ambition. Parker said, ďA shotgun comes in different gauges and the lower the number, the more powerful the shot. Four is the lowest but they aren't made anymore. I knew I wanted the color red to coincide with the feeling of energy." The number four in 4 Gauge also represents an all-natural, 4-in-1, pre-workout formula designed to enhance raw strength, strong focus, long-lasting energy and intense muscle pumps.
Objectives for the packaging were well defined. The container needed to stand out from the competition on social media and other online marketing avenues as Roar Ambition only sells their products to customers online. Creating product packaging that stands out visually in a crowded market place would be critical for success. Additionally, the size of the container would need to hold a specified amount of powder and the opening of the container had to be large enough for the contract filler.
Sports nutrition is a US$7 billion business in the US with a projected CAGR growth of 8.45% till 2021, the highest growth rate among vitamins, dietary supplements and sports nutrition nutraceutical categories.
Parker had earlier partnered with TricorBraun on the launch of Instant Knockout. Given the successful launch of Instant Knockout, Parker was confident to partner with it again for 4 Gauge, which was launched in January 2017. Since then, sales have grown by 300% month over month.
TricorBraun sourced a stock HDPE (high density polyethylene) bottle and a customised PP (polypropylene) lined closure with gold metal sheath. The bottle also has a raised edge at the top to emulate the edge of a shotgun shell. Together, these components and features resulted in a one-of-a-kind packaging solution. For additional protection and tamper evidency, and to ensure that the quality and freshness of the product is retained when delivered, the decision would also be made to wrap the body of the package in a clear plastic film.
TricorBraun Design & Engineering Group is a business unit of TricorBraun, one of North America's leading providers of rigid packaging.