Tesco Lotus to support innovations in retailing through Hackathon

Major retailer, Tesco Lotus is launching an initiative to support the operators of startup ventures, as well as students with bright ideas and other would-be entrepreneurs, to develop their projects in line with the goals of Thailand 4.0 technology policy.
Salinla Seehaphan, Corporate Affairs Director of Tesco Lotus said the company has cooperated with the government and the private sector in launching what it calls “ Hackathon event”
The move fits into Tesco’s Retail 4.0 drive, and comes after it added 100 stores in 2017, bringing its total retail network to 2,000 stores in Thailand.
“The Hackathon will allow students, startups and entrepreneurs develop new innovation, technology, applications and solutions to support the trend of Retail 4.0 and the needs of customers, including for digital transformation, healthy lifestyles, new family structures and an ageing population, convenience and experience, and sustainability,” Salinla said.
Tesco Lotus is committed to using innovation to help it serves customers better as their behaviour is changing rapidly in the digital era. The Hackathon will be part of efforts to extend an opportunity for startups in the country to take part in coming up with innovation that serves the needs of digital era customers and provides business solutions.
The winner of Hackathon will get his technology applied in Lotus Express convenience stores. Tesco also plans to promote the winner’s project in the global market. Hackathon event will be held from 16 to 18 March.
Salinla added that Tesco will continue to expand its online channel which was launched 4 years ago. Tesco has also adopted innovations and digital transformation to improve its customer services, for eg. through QR codes, customers are now able to trace the origins of their fruits and vegetables purchases. Tesco has also worked with farmers to help them use effective crop management and market-led approach to farming.
As part of the digitalisation process, Tesco’s loyalty program Clubcard also allows customers to collect and redeem points both offline and online. They can also check their points and retrieve e-coupons via the mobile application, whereas in the past, they had to wait for quarterly statements and coupons sent in the mail.
Salinla concluded that when it comes to retail, regardless of channel or platform, price, quality and convenience will always be the key consideration for customers.