Bird Nest drink in fruit flavours

Bird Nest is known in East Asia as a premium health product. The Sialic Acid found in Birdnest helps to enhance body cell regeneration and boost the immune system. It is commonly believed that consuming birdnest could help prolong our lives.
One company in Indonesia, PT Realfood Winta Asia has recently launched Realfood GO range of birdnest drinks available in 4 fruit variants namely Beach Coconut, Citrus Yuzu, Juicy Watermelon and Catchy Lychee.
PT Realfood was set up in 2015 and in 2016, it launched its Realfit Up range of birdnest drink in 3 variants namely Calm (with dates flavor), Classic (original flavor with stevia) and Beauty (with peach flavor and containing collagen). Realfood GO is a product extension of its original range in similar packaging, selling at a more affordable price of US$1.80 as it contains a smaller quantity of birdnest (2%). In contrast, Realfit Up contains 7% bird nest with original juice whereas Realfood Go contains tropical fruits flavors. Realfit Up is targeted to upper class consumers who are willing to pay US$3.20 for a 210ml glass bottle.
Due to the differences in contents, Realfood GO is launched in 2018 to tackle the middle to upper class consumers whom are energetic, fun and enjoy tropical fruity flavors masking the bird nest taste.
According to Yogi Respati, a representative from PT Realfood, Realfit Up will be exported to Singapore in January 2018, and the company is still interested to look for distributors for export opportunities in other countries.
William Arifin, Head of Marketing at PT Realfood said, "Our company is now exploring an opportunity to distribute our products outside Indonesia. We have great confidence in our products to succeed abroad. To match with excellent quality standards, we have acquired certifications such as BPOM, ISO22000 and Halal certification by MUI in Indonesia."