Mother Han's Porridge won SIAL Innovation Award 2017

Korea's Keumkang B&F Co., Ltd has recently won the Silver Award for SIAL Innovation Award organised by SIAL Interfood 2017 show in Jakarta in November 2017.
According to Elly Cho, a company spokesperson, Mother Han's ready-to-eat (RTE) porridge in retort pouch packaging is going to be launched in 2018. "We will be introducing these products to overseas markets first before launching it to the Korean market." Keumkang is currently looking for distributors for the ASEAN region.
Mother Hanís RTE porridge is available in 4 variants namely Pumpkin Porridge (pine nut), Black Sesame Porridge, Quinoa Porridge (vegetable) and Sweet Potato Porridge. Samples of the product shown were packaged in 80g retort pouch with a squeezed-out cap, with a recommended retail selling price of US$2.99. This range of baby porridge products will most probably be sold near the baby products corner. Elly added that Keumkang continues to offer premium baby food products and it would like to become a market leader in this segment. At present, the 4 products are not yet certified Halal but Keumkang will be looking into getting the certification in 2018.
When asked what are the health benefits and advantages of these products, Elly said, ďOur baby porridge basic ingredients are black sesame, quinoa, pumpkin and sweet potato which are already known as healthy food. Keumkang has created a convenience meal with less preparation needed by parents. At present, the baby food products available in the market are usually packaged in glasses or plastics which are heavy and hard to store whereas ours is packed in retort pouch with a longer shelf life of 18 months and is light and easy to keep under room temperature.Ē
Mother Hanís RTE porridge is not only for babies, but can also be consumed by growing up teenagers and adults since it has enough nutrition for one meal.