Asia ranks as the 2nd most attractive region, by latest BMI Risk/Reward Index

According to the latest BMI report, Asia is ranked the 2nd most attractive region in its Food and Non-Alcoholic Drinks Risk/Reward Index.
China is the region's outperformer, although its lead is narrow, with 6 other markets in the top 15 globally. At the bottom of the index are markets such as Pakistan and Myanmar where the risks of doing business will continue to discourage significant foreign investments in the food and non-alcoholic drinks segment.
Asia comes in 2nd with a regional score of 59.9 behind North America & Western Europe (NAWE) with 63.4. It is however considerably ahead of Middle East and North Africe (MENA) region (48.6).
China score of 73.7 made it the top market in Asia based on risks and rewards, second only to the US in the global ranking. Interestingly, Malaysia is ranked 2nd in the index for the Asian region whereas Indonesia is ranked 6th. To find out more, please refer to Table 1.0 below.