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Country:  Malaysia
Tel:  +603 57409888
Fax:  +603 57409899
Key Personnel:  Rietta Cheng, Admin Manager
Product Category: 
Food Ingredients like Amino Acids
Yeast Extract
Green Tea Powder
Fruit Powder
Marine Collagen
Dried Brewer's Yeast
Functional Ingredients
Polyphenol Extracts
Egg White Powder
Chicken Broth
Description:  It provides a wide variety of ingredients in the following segments:

Hazelnut, Yeast Extract, Natural Fruit Powder, High Oleic Peanut Dice, Ammonium Bicarbonate, Green Tea Matcha Powder

Natural Fruit Powder, Freeze Dried Fruit Powder

(c) Neutraceutical Ingredients/Premix
Marine Collagen, Polyphenol Extract Powders, Dried Brewer's Yeast, Functional Ingredients, Traced Amino Acids

(d) Frozen Food
High Gel Egg White Powder, Traced Amino Acid, Yeast Extract, Natural Chicken Broth

(e) Spices/Seasonings
Yeast Extract, Traced Amino Acids, Natural Chicken Broth

(f) Vegetarian Product
High Gel Egg White Powder, Yeast Extract

(g) Fermentation
Brewer's Yeast
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