Address:   12 Senoko Drive, Singapore 758200
Country:  Singapore
Tel:  +65 64841633
Fax:  +65 66599239
Website/URL:  http://
Key Personnel:  Joanne Tan, Regional Marketing Manager
Product Category: 
Food Technologies
Dietary Ingredients
Animal Nutrition
Description:  Kemin manufactures patented and proven additives for human food, vitamin and personal care products, pet food diets, livestock feed and grain treatment.
Latest News: 
- Kemin NATURFORT™ TRLG 101 offers cost savings; improves oil quality during Deep-Fat Frying  Sep-2018
- Kemin's latest NaturFORT™ RSGT offers 'clean-label' substitute for EDTA  Aug-2018
- Kemin’s oil-soluble green tea extract can replace TBHQ in par-fried food applications  Feb-2018
- Kemin patents Polyphenol Retention Technology for its Spearmint lines  Jan-2018
- Chinese food manufacturers can now use Zeaxanthin to promote eye-health  Jul-2017
- Kemin launches new Vinegar-based Preservative   Jan-2017